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A little bit about us..

We are a small group of friends who want to make a difference in Mississippi, our home state. We have collectively worked in rescue for over 18 years. We want to take our experience and compassion and focus on Mississippi animals. We have so many plans and ideas that we look forward to implementing in the upcoming year. Please bear with us as we get things organized and finalized. We are working hard getting all of our paperwork filed and setting up all of our accounts and we are all moms with families and full time jobs.


We look forward to helping the animals and you, our community. We will need your help to make this a successful project. We also want to work together with our fellow rescues and organizations in the state for the good of the animals. It is all about them. Together we can accomplish great things. Please let us know if you would like to join us. We would love to have you on our team. 

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